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Fragmented security practices make it difficult for developers (and teams) to create secure dApps on their own. Having code thoroughly examined and tested by a third party professional security auditor is the best assurance against errors, omissions, and abuses.

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So why Authio?



We aspire to help build security standards in the blockchain ecosystem

Audit Services

Taint Analysis

Smart contracts are examined for areas where external code can execute improperly or harmfully.

Input Validation

Testing the range of potential input data used to call functions ensures that contracts are not susceptible to attack vectors exposed by the EVM Application Binary Interface.

Model Checking

A Security Specification Model is generated, against which contracts are tested for adherence to intended functionality.

Control Flow Analysis

Code execution is mapped out to all potential paths to assess different final states that can be achieved.

Fallback Mechanisms

Contracts are work-shopped in cooperation with development teams to account for possible Worst Case Scenarios and related fallback mechanisms.


A report is compiled describing the depth and breadth of the audit, key findings, and specific fixes made by the project team.

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