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Avoid costly technical debt and security issues before you ever write a line of code.

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Growing Pains

Ethereum-based projects have cumulatively raised billions in promise of building the “Killer Dapp.” Many such projects find the perceived viability of their product decided by the results of a single, ultimate security audit.

While audits are a necessary part of dApp development, they exacerbate a "code first, ask questions later" mentality.

All too often we see ICO-fueled projects accumulate mountains of technical debt leading to eventual stagnation or failure caused by:
  • Death on arrival, waiting for scalability
  • Fundamental design flaws
  • Uncaught vulnerabilities
  • Overwhelming investor expectations
  • Dwindling capital
  • All of the above
Projects that successfully avoid these obstacles must first overcome others: short-lived standards, unwieldy beta releases, and poorly documented volumes of esoteric research.

Our security researchers help you prepare for the future by designing your architectural bedrock to meet the highest possible efficiency and security standards.

Authio has audited several complex contracts for my company in a timely and thorough fashion. As a solidity programmer myself, I know they provided excellent feedback, asked the right questions and worked to truly understand not only the security of but also the intent of the contract. They have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to Ethereum and I would highly recommend these masters of their craft.

Nicholas Fett
CEO and Founder, Decentralized Derivatives Association (DDA)
Ethereum Foundation Grant Awardee