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We see security audits as a unique opportunity to protect your product from costly technical debt. Because we take the time to understand the intent of your project, we can uncover problematic technical decisions that may not be security risks, but may be detrimental to the long term growth of your product.

Smart Contract Audits

Below are some of Authio's clients who have opted to publicly display their audit reports.

Kyokan Minimal Viable Plasma - Rootchain Audit
Kyokan Minimal Viable Plasma - Rootchain Audit
Ledgerium Token Contract Audit
Ledgerium Token Contract Audit
MyWish Token Audit
MyWish Token Audit
Coinvest Token V3 Audit
Coinvest Token V3 Audit
DDA DRCT Standard Audit
DDA DRCT Standard Audit
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Every audit report comes with an optional web version published on our website for you to share.
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Audit Process

1. Scope
You send us a specific commit of audit ready code and desired completion date.
2. Quote
We provide you with a quote.
3. Audit
We begin the audit.
4. Report
We send you a private report of our findings with actionable solutions and improvements to any issues we discover.
5. Revisions
You make revisions, we examine them, and update your report.
6. Publish
(Optional) We publish your updated report.


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Client Testimonial

Authio has audited several complex contracts for my company in a timely and thorough fashion. As a solidity programmer myself, I know they provided excellent feedback, asked the right questions and worked to truly understand not only the security of but also the intent of the contract. They have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to Ethereum and I would highly recommend these masters of their craft.

Nicholas Fett
CEO and Founder, Decentralized Derivatives Association (DDA)
Ethereum Foundation Grant Awardee